Friday, July 10, 2009

You lazy %*&$!

So I"ve been told that I should blog more.

Yeah, like that"ll happen.

But out of respect to my drugged up, racist, pretentious knob of a colleague, I"ll try to almost pretend to make an effort.

Unfortunately, as I"m sitting in a "Pharmacology of NSAIDs" lecture which has come about 16 months too late, I really can"t think of anything to blog about.

How about a summary since my last blog?
It would go something like this: GIT, ERS, KEITH!, B&B, M-

See what I did there? I just listed the main points of what has happened in the last few months. Thus, a summary. Also note that I only got to the M of MSS. That is because we are still in the early stages.

I"m a special child.

There. Done.

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PTR said...

You should blog more.