Friday, November 5, 2010

Neurology is awesome!

Just came out of a neurology grand round (where nobody could diagnose the patient) and a neurology tute.
I think I blacked out for the last hour because I"m not entirely sure what happened. I remember enjoying myself and laughing lots, but cannot recall anything educational.

I have some quotes though!

"So a young woman in emergency that everyone believes is in a coma, but you see her looking around, its a fake coma. You can't look around if you're in a coma."
"Everytime you turn over there but you're still looking over here, that'd be a weird sort of life."
"Glasgow coma scale is for drongos, it just tells the surgeons how fast they need to drive in."
"Mini mental state, how often is it done on an aphasic patient? Very often. it just shows the resident's mini mental state is less than the patient."

Fun times.

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Lesleyfish said...

I remember that tutorial! The guy is all sorts of crazy, and as I recall basically tried to instill in us that we should never believe what our patients say, because they're all faking whether they know it or not. Very odd.