Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hand Surgery

So day 2 of hand surgery is down.
It seems that I will need to start at 7:30am everyday and generally finish after 5pm.
So far, I"ve spent a day in clinic and a day in the operating theatre.

The day in clinic consists of me measuring grip strength, joint angles and pinch (apposition?) strength while the consultant drills me with questions.

The day in the operating theatre consisted of me standing around.
Well, until the last case which was a radial nerve repair. Seems that the orthopods that put a plate in for the fractured humerus got the radial nerve caught under a screw, so it had to be repaired with a graft.
I got to stand around but also take photos using the consultants flash camera (Olympus E-1 I think it was). That was fun. Sort of.

I"m tired of it already...

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