Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Learning, forgetting, learning, forgetting, rinse, repeat.

Its been a while since I"ve posted and quite a bit has happened.

First thing is that I got a haircut!

Yeah, a number 3 in fact, so its quite a big change. It"s quite amusing actually, I can"t stop rubbing my head. It"s the strangest feeling, quite soothing really...

On the learning side of things, we had a nice "Rural Day" outing to Port Lincoln (I think)
[EDIT: I"ve been told its Port Elliot... It"s a good thing I pay attention to everything around me...].
There, we learnt about our options in 3/4th year (I"m thinking Darwin!), but more importantly, we learned a few hands on things so much more interesting than all the theory we"ve been doing lately.

We learned a little plastering which was fun though messy with all that plaster of paris... In fact, I only just removed my cast :)

We learned to suture on some pig trotters, though I"m sure human skin is just a tad thinner...

We learned some basic emergency rescue from the SAAS, which was really basic revision from our Basic Life Support sessions, and especially for me from the work I"ve done with St John.

We also learned to cannulate veins on dummy arms which "bled" all over the place. This was
probably the easiest. I"ve noticed that after doing mouse tail vein injections, human veins are HUGE. I felt like I couldn"t really miss...

Unfortunately, I don"t think this sort of thing happens very often, so no more fun for a while :(

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KT said...

Hehe, yeah - rural is good because you see more REAL Pt's, rural people don't go to hospital for a stubbed toe... Also, rural = $.

I'm planning on going rural next year as a L2TP, means my pharmacologies and protocols are expanded and I get more REAL WORLD experience (ie. not just the drunks and druggies from Sydney).

Just found out I'm posted to Northern - http://www.ambulance.nsw.gov.au/about_us/map_of_stations.html then click 'Northern'.

Nice and specific, eh? And I'm supposed to be able to find a place to live based on this... *sigh*