Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh my!

It"s been said before by many people and I realise its true, so I"m going to have to say it one more time: I really need to blog more.

Unfortunately, I"m just plain lazy.

On a happier note, I think I"ve finished the 2nd year of Med school.

OSCE's have been passed, so barring some freakishly superfailed surprise, 3rd year appears to be on the menu for next year.


Not so exciting is that one of my best friends down here will be doing 3rd year in a rural area, about 4ish hours from Adelaide [EDIT: More like 6 hours...]. This means I won"t really be able to see them barring the occasional get together when all parties are free (yeah, like that ever happens!).

So yeah, sad times :(

Gonna miss the RoL, such good times...

For now, I guess its just time to make the most of my holidays...
Back home to the Gold Coast on the 12th!

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