Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolution Generator

As stolen from the blog of a certain champion blogger, the New Year's Resolution Generator is quite an amusing way to burn 27 or so seconds.

It has worked almost freakishly well for me, with the following resolutions:
1. Start or actually update my blog - Very relevant in my case...
2. Read a Dr. Seuss book - Ah, my kind of resolution...
3. See the good in people - Yeah, sure, I"ll try that...
4. Stand tall - All 5'10" of me?
5. Think before I speak - Definitely relevant.
6. Grow basil - Oh I do like my basil...
7. Strike up a conversation with a stranger - Do patient histories count?
8. Wake up earlier - Yes, I really should.
9. Be a rockstar - I think that's been done in our course...
10. Fly to the moon - Wait, what?

Definitely good fun. I continued to click another 35 or so times to see what else came up, but there appears to be quite a few vague "be a better person" ones, such as "give" and "love" and "be a better person".

Overall, I think I"ll just add:
11. Pass 3rd year.

That should do it.

Happy New Year!

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