Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rotation 1 - Surgery - Day 1

Alright, so its 2 weeks past my first day of 3rd year, and I"m typing this on Wednesday, but Monday was such a productive day that I"ll have to talk about it.

While I"m at it, I"ll talk about today as well. Tuesday should be stricken from the history books though.

Monday, a beautiful morning, a smooth transition from waking up to ward rounds.
Always a good start, but it would get better. The ward rounds went smoothly, lots to learn but also lots learnt. Coffee break was a great change from our usual routine (no coffee), a nice treat from our Registrar, who has moved on to greener pastures (or maybe not... Modbury?).
I topped off the morning with a nice and easy bit of blood thievery, using for the first time a butterfly needle/vacuum tube. Left handed. Without a spoon.

Tuesday. Bleh.

Wednesday, today, a good morning which started with great anticipation, as the great handover would occur. Our new Registrar managed to find us, but our RMO was nowhere in sight. Luckily her pager was available. Sitting on the computer in front of us. Convenient, but understandable as they apparently have a full day orientation session. Probably high ropes and lots of clapping and laughing (yes, that is an inside joke, but you can laugh with me anyway whoever you are reading this).
So after about 30 minutes our Registrar left us, leaving the ward round to 2 interns, a GEMPIV and 3 GEMPIIIs. Big G* was eventually left behind, getting some paperwork done leaving Dr T* to lead the team. For amusement"s sake, I began to write "Colorectal Ward Rounds - Dr T* & Team" in the patient notes, half hoping that he would be called out, leaving us medical students to continue the ward rounds, perhaps flounder and drown. Moments later, Dr T"s pager pinged.
Unfortunately, we weren"t to be left to our own ward rounds. A patient on the wards had the Met team called, which gave us the chance to see what happens in a real Met call. Nowhere near the excitement of television, but interesting anyway.

To top off a fun morning, there were brownies in the intern room.

Ah, good times.

*Note: Names used are not their real names, but amusing replacements which the author has made up on the spot. They amuse me.

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