Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's a fine, fine line...

Big day yesterday!

Had a nice sleep in (9am! Wow!) after staying up until 1am playing 4-player Super Mario Bros. on Wii. Sat around browsing the internets for random things for an hour or so before deciding it was probably time for breakfast. I threw together some goodness (ham, mushrooms, basil, chives, iggs) into a pan and a magical omelette appeared. It was magical.

Started transferring my little assorted notes taken on ward rounds into my computer. Took a lot longer than I expected, as I have horrible writing, partly due to my rush to get the information down, partly due to having nothing to adequately brace my pad on, and partly due to my own mutant inability to write legibly.

Finally noticed the time and after a warp speed shower, threw together a ham/cheese sandwich and rushed out to get to the city, where a group of us saw Avenue Q!
It was amazing!
I"ve been listening to the soundtrack now for a few hours, with my favourite song in the title above. Personally, I still liked Wicked better, partly due to the easier sung songs (yes, I like to sing, despite having the vocal range of a deaf mute bear), but Avenue Q had very memorable moments (and one in particular that cannot be unseen...) and was hilarious.

Went to a friend's place afterwards for a house-warming, which was really good. Had okonomiyaki, cold rolls, and beer/cocktails/wine/mead (yes, mead!). Good food, good drinks, good company, what more can you ask for? An amusing quote? Yes, that was done too. An amusing period of confusion as a friend on the phone was confused as to the people that were at the party. Ah, good times.

[EDIT: I forgot to mention the dessert! Banana cake with a cream cheese/icing sugar icing, with ice cream covered in chocolate flavoured topping, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles!]

So now its Sunday, I have minimal work done, I have washing to do, cleaning to do, music to listen to. So much to do, so little time...

Maybe if I sit here for a while, things will just go away...

A fine, fine line between reality and pretend.

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Pink Stethoscopes said...

In my defence, I am marginally less confused when attending parties in person. Marginally.