Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, fin.

Still sick, ginger tea is starting to annoy me, but butter menthols (with honey centres!) are as delicious as ever. They also kind of help my sore and irritated throat.

So I made it into the CoC (teeheehee) introduction/tutorial.
Not the most exciting, or informative of sessions, but nice to find out that I won"t be in the state for the 2nd tutorial.
I still have to do my work though, just submit things early and liaise via email.
At least I vaguely know what to do now, just have to find a patient with a chronic illness, get consent from them and follow him/her as they are treated and attend follow-ups for 5 months. This includes visiting them in their own home, as well as visiting their GP, preferably while they are there, with a maximum of 6-8 meetings.
I take this to mean that I have to improve on my stalking skills, raising them to a comparative level of a ninja or perhaps Batman. I"ll have to hide in bushes and on stone gargoyles and the like, hoping that my patient is just like every other person in those movies and that they never look up just as I"m somehow holding myself in the upper corner of a room. Luckily the SoM has understood that we"re not all as physically active and able as others, and have given us the leeway of a maximum of 6-8 meetings. I assume that we"ll start with 6-8 credits (I guess they haven"t decided yet) and when (or if! HAHA!) we get "caught" by the patient, we"ll have to hand over a credit and continue from the last save point.

You know, now that I think about it, Continuity of Care could be quite fun, and besides, I still have that imaginary cape.

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