Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday lunch

I made fried rice!
Partly due to laziness, and partly due to having a lot of rice leftover. Well its delicious, thanks for asking.

So this google "buzz" thing is a surprise in that it just popped up, but not much of a surprise as everyone was probably expecting google to try something like this. Now it seems a lot more people have found out I have a blog. Which could be worrying...
A quick shoutout to the Daily Melbourne Spam team (Fushan, Oda, Gary -lawl, Joshua -double lawl), to That Guy, to Miiiii and the Lone Sydneyer.

So yeah, Breast Clinic was really well done. Turns out its a combined Breast/Endocrine Clinic and I sat in with a doctor that I think was the head of the clinic. I"m not entirely sure, but the way he walked into another room for a consult and introduced himself by saying "Hi, I"m Dr ___, I"m the boss here." kind of leans towards my conclusion.
Saw part of an ultrasound guided FNA, didn"t see all of it because I got called out to see some radiology of a thyroid nodule. I saw a mammogram done, and had my hand squished by a mammogram machine (a mammogrammer? or perhaps just an X-ray thing.) so I would vaguely know of how hard breasts are squished in this thing and how uncomfortable it is for the patient.
The clinic was amazingly busy! They had booked about 30 patients in just for the morning, with two doctors seeing them all. By around 11, they were about an hour and a half behind. So yeah, busy.
So yes, learnt about breast examination and performed some. Learnt some big long words I"ll have to look up at some point, and learnt about some cool techniques not approved by the FDA.

All in all a good morning.

Possibly made better that I now have some cold/flu meds which will help the afternoon, as well as getting to sleep tonight.



PTR said...

hey, so what the heck is this Buzz thing? I found it there this morning too and just told it to get nicked. Did it automagically share your blog on it?

Vonbon said...

Yeah, it appears to be basically like the "news feed" that Facebook has. You can link your blog, youtube, google reader, picasa, twitter and maybe more that I don"t know of, to it.