Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year's Eve!

It"s nearly Chinese New Year!
"What does that mean?" you ask?
Well clearly, it means a celebration with food and pretty colours and loud noises!

Alternatively, its just another slow, quiet day.
Started off the day with doing the washing and a trip to the market. The market was packed with silly people wanting to see the "lion" dances. Or the "Nian" dance. Ah, traditions.
Unfortunately, this meant that customer service at the stores came to a standstill, forcing me to go elsewhere to do my shopping first and hope that things moved on when I returned. Things definitely moved on when I returned, but unfortunately some of those things were the groceries I was after. Drat.

Oh well, enough to survive the week, that"s about all that"s needed.

Maybe I should see to this "study" thing that is all the rage at the moment...

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