Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RGH day two

Another overall good day, which is surprising because I don"t usually have two good days in a row...
An interesting ward round with some nice patients, a good mix of simple and crazy super complicated. A nice fun chat afterwards over coffee and cake (a black forest style birthday cake, yum!) and then some paperwork.
Managed to survive another scrubbing tutorial session (just because the RGH seems to prefer one of their nurses teach how to scrub, despite everyone already having done it at FMC...) without too many mishaps, and ended it all with an uneventful afternoon. Of course, I"m not sure of that last bit, since the afternoon is still going, I"m just getting ahead of myself.

Oh, exciting news! I have a new housemate! From what I"ve determined from a phone message from the Associate Dean of the Village, she is a 22 year old German student. From what I"ve determined from items in the fridge, she like anticoagulation.

I really should probably clean up the place...

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