Monday, February 15, 2010

The Repatriation General Hospital

First day at the repat, and it was a good one!
Great intern, friendly and very willing to teach! She taught me and a fellow student to put in a NG tube which was an experience... Especially with the 315mL of lime green aspirate...
Great RMO, friendly and laid-back! Was very relaxed and welcomed us and explained how things worked (before the intern arrived).
Great registrar, friendly and with a good sense of humour! Also very willing to teach and has already organised a teaching session with us.
We haven"t met the consultant yet who, from what we"ve heard, may be quite scary and intense, but also a good teacher.

Overall, I"m looking forward to the next four weeks, especially with the free coffee (which will be a bit of a change from FMC) and occasional breakfasts and lunches that will be provided to us!

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