Sunday, February 28, 2010

[Under] the Fire and the Flames

Fireworks are pretty.
Pretty dangerous when they are pointed in your general direction, but oh so pretty when they burst and shower sparks everywhere in the sky.
So we went to see fireworks last night as part of the Adelaide Festival, a show called "A Little More Light" which was put together by Group F of Eiffel Tower fireworks fame.
It wasn"t bad, but I wanted to see more blue fireworks. They"re just so pretty.

The morning was good as a nice group of us went into Central Market for breakfast, which was a bit of an chore as we had to somehow manage to acquire enough tables and chairs for everyone to be seated comfortably for breakfast. Naturally we managed it and eventually sat down to a very filling brunch.

Friday night was a bit of fun as a few of us went to a friend"s place and spent the night rocking out and getting in touch with our heavy metal, classic rock and poppy sides of ourselves. If only we could do the same on real instruments rather than just on a video game...

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