Thursday, June 24, 2010


I spent all of Tuesday and this morning dealing with eyes.
Tuesday morning was spent in a regular eye clinic, which seemed to mostly involve people who had cataracts and wanted to get rid of them, or people who had previously had cataracts and had gotten rid of them.
Tuesday afternoon was spent in eye theatre, which involved people who had cataracts and was in the process of getting rid of them.
So yeah, I saw the whole spectrum of a day in the life of a cataract.

Today was slightly more interesting as I was in an eye emergency clinic. There were patients presenting with a range from common normal age related problems such as posterior vitreous detachment and entropions to less common problems such as symblepharons and autoimmune iritis/uveitis to environmentally caused problems like foreign bodies and attacks by Irish Wolfhounds.

That"s right. This patient had asked the owners if it was safe to pat and got the affirmative. Bent down (this person was very tall) to give a pat and the dog lunged, bumping the person"s forehead with its nose and managing to get a tooth on the bottom eye lid. Luckily, no real damage apart from a bit of scarring that may cause irritation.

Gotta love the interesting stories that arise in medicine.

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KT said...

He should have seen it coming! (Hahaha, I'm so witty...)

Had a similar case last year, this fellow opened his front door to go out for the day, was holding his 3 year old in his arms... Two dogs (not his) were standing there at the door... Bit him on the leg, then ran away. Said it took less than 5 seconds, he was left with a very bloody leg and a bewildered look on his face!

Fun times...