Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I don"t normally remember my dreams, so when I do have ones I remember, they are quite interesting to me.
A few months ago I had a dream that I was late for a bus, like, really, really late. In fact, 15 minutes before the time that the bus was scheduled to leave from the Adelaide Central Bus Station, I was still at home. In fact, I was in my old home that I used to reside. In Melbourne. Yeah, I was just that late.

A few days ago, I had another dream. Hold onto your seats.

It had been a long day, but work was finally over.
So there I was, walking home from work, when I noticed in the distance, an old friend running as fast as she could.
"You"re laaaate!" I called out to her, realising immediately what a Captain Obvious statement it was.
"I know!" She replied and ran past.
I shrugged and continued walking along.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a dog (a Golden Retriever if anyone is interested...) appears and tries to leap up, perhaps to lick my face, perhaps to eat my nose, who knows? I didn"t want this to happen so I fended off the dog by waving my bag at him and kept walking.

As I continued, I turned into a park, which seemed to be a shortcut home.
Another dog appeared, this time a poodle thing who also seemed to want to lick my face/eat my nose, but I was well versed in the fending off of canines by now, so I waved my bag at it and away it went.

I then noticed a scruffy little kitten, bedraggled and wet. I surmised that the poodle must have grabbed it and had been carrying it around, finally dropping it when I scared it away.
I looked around for help as for some strange reason, I had lost the ability to pick things up. It was like I had lost my arms, but I"m pretty sure I used my arms to fend off the dogs...

I noticed a cat walking by and I called pointed out the kitten to it.
The cat made its way over and started to clean the kitten.
I decided that things were alright and started to walk away, but was stopped when the cat called out. I"m not sure how I knew, but somehow I understood that the cat was telling me to stop.

I really shouldn"t have stopped.
This led to a long conversation with the cat about who should take the kitten. The conversation continued into a debate and an argument, with my main statement being that the kitten and the cat were more closely related, as they were from the same species. I even happened to pull out a magazine which coincidentally had cat family trees. The cat seemed to have a very valid rebuttal in which the cat said this was a common misconception and was simply untrue. She continued into an in depth analysis into genetics, concluding that I was more closely related to the kitten and thus, I should take it.

For some reason, I then recall the opposite page of the magazine, which went into being stuck on a boat or a desert island with a number of people. It said that one person should make a pair of headphones and share it with everyone. The conclusion statement was that this would result in only one person looking crazy.
[EDIT: As reminded by Sarah] It seems that the whole point of making one person looking crazy at any one time is so that when the food source ran out, there would be a definite choice on who to eat. Obviously, the crazy person.

I have to admit, I slept pretty well though.


Lesleyfish said...

My conclusion is that you're the one looking crazy. You did make me laugh a lot though, so thank you :)

Pink Stethoscopes said...

You were telling me about this dream! Apparently the purpose of only one person looking crazy was that when you ran out of food, you could eat the crazy person (I.e. the one wearing headphones). Awesome.

Vonbon said...

Oh yeah! I forgot about that part!
I blame the fact that I ran out of page space on my notepad...

ellicia. said...

hahahah :)