Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday. So tired...

Two days into the week. I"m ready for the weekend.

As part of O&G, we"re expected to attend about eleven (11) clinics over the course of the rotation. Somehow, despite failing to sign up to things properly, I"ve managed to attend four (4) in the last two (2) days. I"m not sure how that even worked but dang, I"ve subsequently ended up with a long, long list of things I need to read up on.

Just looking at the list is tiring me out.

So I"ve managed to attend a high risk pregnancy clinic, a menopause clinic, an antenatal clinic and a colposcopy clinic. All in all, pretty educational, though I"m kind of getting over all this icky women stuff.

Haha. Kidding.


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