Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big weekend

So another weekend come and just about gone.

I say "just about" because it seems that this weekend is yet again a long one.

Friday night was a bit of fun with a small group of us going to see Iron Man 2 at Casuarina.
It wasn"t too bad I guess. Incredibly cheesy lines though.

We went out afterwards into the city to meet others who decided that dancing had better appeal than a man in a robot suit breaking stuff. Crazy kids nowadays.
Got home preeeeeetty late, so Saturday was a very lazy morning and day. So lazy in fact that I felt that I needed to redeem myself and went into the hospital until midnight.

Actually it was a pretty quiet night too.

Sunday began a little late due to the late night before, but soon grew as a colleague and I decided to go visit some crocodiles. We made our way over to Crocodylus Park, just in time for a guided tour.
It was very impressive as we got to see some jumping crocodiles, violent territorial females, little tiny baby crocodiles (yearlings), turtles, monkeys, emus, lions, a tiger, a wombat and more. It was a lot of fun as I got to feed a crocodile (actually I was meant to yank the meat away but I failed and it got me) and also to hold a little tiny baby crocodile!

I have a heap of photos which I"ll do something with at some point.

The afternoon was spent in Leanyer Recreational Park, where there was a swimming area, a playground with water guns and the like (and a giant that slowly fills with water before tipping the lot out in a giant rush!) as well as 3 big water slides!

After a few hours on the slides, we decided it was time to go home and with a couple of colleagues, had a wonderful dinner of crocodile burgers, crocodile sausages and crocodile skewers.

Started and ended the day with crocodiles, delicious!

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