Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to it...

So it seems I haven"t blogged in so long, I don"t even know where I"m up to.

Quick summary of the last week or so (if you want more info, you"ll have to ask for it...)
Tuesday, 11th of May: Handover. Wards. JMO teaching - A visiting ophthalmologist gave a quick spiel regarding outreach clinics - I jumped up as soon as he was finished to talk to him and spent the afternoon making the necessary arrangements.

Wednesday, 12th of May: Handover. Journal Club. Wards. Bedside Teaching. Tried to get a miniCEX done, consultant was busy. Went out to the Beachfront for drinks at trivia night.

Thursday, 13th of May: Woke up at 5ish to catch a taxi at 5:45am to the airport. Flight was slightly delayed but had a nice chat with the ophthalmologist during the wait and eventually got into a little 2-engine (pressurised) 9-seater plane that carried the pilot, the ophthalmologist and myself. I felt like I had my very own private plane. Continued chatting with the ophthalmologist about life, the universe and medicine, while the pilot did his thing. A short flight later (20 minutes or so), we arrived in Daly River and got into the 4WD to take us to the clinic. The little town was cute and quite developed, though we learned that it had a very high suicide rate. A little sad there. The morning was spent waiting for patients to come in (which they didn"t until 10:30 or so) so during that time, I learnt the basics of ophthalmology, how to do visual acuities, how to take intraocular pressures, how to visualise the optic disc using the indirect method, and the basics of the slit lamp. It was fun. Over the course of the day, I proceeded to assess each of the patients in these things, with the ophthalmologist giving them the slit lamping and calling me over to look at things. We ran late as is the norm with these things, finally getting into the plane and getting back home around 6:30pm. It was a fun day and the ophthalmologist was amazing. Total mancrush.

Friday, 14th of May - Handover. Teaching rounds with miniCEX, did well. Finished up on paperwork and went to chat to the ophthalmologist again. Learnt to spell ophthalmology (you think I"m kidding...). Renewed mancrush. Finished up with the NTCS and handed in all my ID and pager. Went out for drinks at the Trailer Boat Club and Ski Club. Managed to get to the airport way too early. Checked in. Napped.

Saturday, 15th of May - Caught the flight at 2:40ish am. Got to Adelaide at 6:15ish am. Got home and accompanied a friend to the airport and to Ikea for breakfast. Went shopping. Came home and decided not to sleep, but to clean up my room. For some reason, it looked like someone had broken in and messed everything up. I realised I had left it like this when I left, a month ago. Oops. Went to a friend"s house for dinner. Slept, wonderful, wonderful sleep.

Sunday, 16th of May - A blur of sleep and nothingness.

Monday, 17th of May - O&G begins. Long day, lots of bajingo. Giggling at naughty words.

Tuesday, 18th of May - O&G continues. Still giggling at naughty words.

Tired. Sleep.

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