Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A long day

Well, yesterday was the long day, with today really being quite a short one. Actually now that I think about it, yesterday only felt long while today felt short. In fact, today was the longer day but it went easier than yesterday which was the shorter one.

Get it?

Anyway, a colleague and I went for a massive ride (on pushbikes) around Darwin, starting from home we rode out towards the beach and down the coast to reach the Museum.

I was quite surprised by the amount on display at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. The displays were very pretty and the exhibit on Cyclone Tracy was quite moving. Sweetheart the crocodile was massive and a good, but sad little tale. They had displays on the wildlife from the aquatic life to the amphibious to the terrestrial. From ages long past to the modern era. They also had a massive exhibit on crocodiles which discussed how things changed since time began. All in all, a great way to spend a few hours and I kind of wish I had a few more hours to spend there as it felt like we rushed through a lot. Did I mention that it was free? Darwin seems to be great on my wallet... Well, apart from the food part.

After the Museum we decided that lunch was in order. This made sense as it was about 1:30pm and we had done a lot of riding in the morning. So we got on our bikes and went searching for food. Unfortunately, due to it being a public holiday (May Day), most shops were closed. We rode into the city (or is it "town"?) and after much cruising around with a few stops (such as one of the 2nd hand bookstores), we finally decided to stop into a pub (amusingly, Shenanigans) for a fine pub meal of a burger and chips. I, feeling like I was lacking blood, had a beef burger with chili jam which was really good (of course I would say that, I say that about just about anything with chili in it...) and my colleague had himself a barramundi burger.

After that we went for a short tour of the Esplanade and then started the long ride back home.

The ride turned out to be approximately 35km. We were very impressed by that until our hosts mentioned that they used to ride more than that in a much, much shorter time.

Well, my legs feel impressed by the distance we rode, as does my behind. My legs are very... Happy.

Topped the day off with a big meal and a bigger dessert of banana cake, chocolate icecream and home made peanut butter and chocolate chip biscuit crumbs. Yum!

Also, *big hugs* to my favouritest person in the whole world, Ellicia. Just thought everyone would like to know that she"s the best! (P.S. Love you lots!)

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