Saturday, August 21, 2010

Breaking New Ground

So I"ve just had a nice productive day (I did my washing, I had a giant lunch and I watched a movie) and I thought to myself, why not let everyone else in on it?

Well too bad for you, it was my day and you can"t have any.

Well, maybe a bit. Why not a review of the movie? I mean, just because everyone else is doing it/done it, why can"t I?

 The movie I watched was Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Say what you will about Michael Cera (he only plays one role, he hasn"t changed his look in 30 years, isn"t he gay? He"s Canadian!) but he plays his awkward Michael Cera role very well. I guess that makes sense because that"s how typecasting works.

Anyway. Scott Pilgrim vs The World is about a 22 year old Canadian, Scott Pilgrim (apparently Michael Cera is 22 too, I honestly thought he was in his 30s) who is some nerdy bass guitar player in an indie band. He"s kind of a dick actually and currently dating a 17 year old asian chick who"s in high school. Apparently that is quite an issue.
Anyway, while he"s dating this chick (named Knife) he dreams about (yeah, not weird at all) and meets another chick (Ramona, which is two letters off the name of one of my deodorant brands. The letters that are off? EX. This will make more sense in a minute) who... wait. I lost my train of thought. That was a frickin" long parenthesis interlude.
So he meets this other chick who he decides he wants, but doesn"t tell the first chick that he"s over her. Something something he breaks up eventually and drama happens.

Aaaaanyway, so this other chick comes with baggage. Like, super baggage (one in the form of Superman) in that he has to fight off her seven evil exes (and there"s the sense!). The exes consist of: Bollywood fire hands man, Hollywood skater guy, Super psychic bass player, Lesbian ninja chick, Techno Japanese twins and finally, Megamusicproducer smiley guy.

Battles are ridiculously over the top, but you begin to expect it with all the comicbook like effects that occur throughout the movie.

Overall, the movie is great! If I had to pick at things individually, I"d say there were quite a few flaws, but meh, it was a hilarious movie, so go with that!

TL;DR guy, two girls, seven exes, good fighting movie.

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Michael O said...

Reading this post makes me think of why i miss u vonbon, i might go watch it's raining meatballs to see you for a little bit, just a sec, that dude in cloudy with a chance of meatballs isn't ACTUALLY you, just a perfect CG copy, hmmph, still good.