Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On things to come...

Because everybody else is doing it, I thought I might as well too.

So most people in my year have just found out their rotations (well, "just" being 2 days ago) but I"ve been one of the totally lucky ones who knew over a week ago. I was one of many who was left with a missing term 1 due to the totally fair and perfect algorithm the magical School of Medicine computer uses to allocation rotations. Working fast, I managed to get what I thought was the best of the worst, but others were not so lucky. My heart weeps for the two people who had to do Chronic Condition Self Management, and my Respected Associate who had to do Neurological Rehabilitation.

Outlined below is what I like to call (for the first time) The Grand Plan:

Term 1: Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Location: Repatriation General Hospital
Probable job description: Fractured hips, femurs (heads, necks) and knee replacements I should think.
Personal thoughts: Could be hit or miss but its ok, I have company for this term and we"ll make the most of it. *sigh* At least the year can only get better...
Career opportunities: Physiotherapist, Masseuse

Term 2: Urban (Legend) General Practice
Location: My new favourite GP's practice. 
Probable job description: Being Awesome!
Personal thoughts: Very excited about this one, I"ve been having my GP placement here and from previous posts, you can probably tell I enjoy it very much.
Career opportunities: GP, Batman

Term 3: Critical Care Medicine
Location: Flinders Medical Centre Intensive Care Unit
Probable job description: Watching and waiting. Then waiting more. Also watching. 
Personal thoughts: Should get some good physiology and medicine knowledge here. Maybe do some management things.
Career opportunities: Intensive Care Specialist, Dr Robert Chase

Term 4: Emergency Medicine
Location: Flinders Medical Centre Emergency Department
Probable job description: Running around like a headless chicken.
Personal thoughts: If rotation quality was proportional to number of people wanting to do it, this would probably be the best rotation ever. It should hopefully be exciting. Alternatively, this could be so much work I might lose my mind. We"ll see.
Career opportunities: Alcoholic, George Clooney

Term 5: Unconfirmed
Location: Hopefully, Singapore General Hospital
Probable job description: Messenger boy
Personal thoughts: Hopefully I"ll be doing anaesthetics and general surgery.
Career opportunities: National Service, Ending sentences with "la"... la.

Term 6: Cambodia
Location: National Pediatric Hospital
Probable job description: Picking on little kids, stealing pocket money, etc.
Personal thoughts: This one should be fun! I like paediatrics :)
Career opportunities: Paediatrician, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Term 7: Vacation
Location: Asia
Probable job description: Being on holiday
Personal thoughts: This will be a lot of fun, aiming to go to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.
Career opportunities: Dumpling King, Communist

Term 8: General Surgery
Location: Mt Gambier
Probable job description: Generally surgerising. Some surgery on generals?
Personal thoughts: Surgery is the topic I"m least excited about, but who knows, rural general surgery may be more exciting than urban general surgery (which consists of hernia, hernia, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hernia, colonoscopy, colonoscopy, colonoscopy, colonoscopy, endoscopy, endoscopy AND colonoscopy).
Career opportunities: Obnoxious Pretentious Twat Surgeon

There we go. The plan is out.

So who"s excited?


KT said...

YAY! Looks like a good line up - why not Paediatric Emergency? Think of it as George Clooney, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate! With alcohol :/

PTR said...

I'm excited for you! That looks like a fun year. Nice work Batman!