Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tomorrow When The War Began at Dinner

Two things to talk about:
1. Tomorrow When The War Began
2. Tonight's dinner.

For those that don"t know, John Marsden"s world famous novel from my youth, Tomorrow When The War Began, was made into a film and recently released. As we have fond memories (in most cases) of reading this in our younger years, a group of friends decided to go watch it.
It was interesting.
The movie followed the general storyline from the book, except updating the time frame to the current era (video camera instead of writing, mobile phones...). The characters had been altered slightly (Fi, Corrie and Robyn looked nothing like I had imagined) and some scenes skipped.
Oh, and they gave it the Michael Bay treatment. There were a ridiculous number of explosions. Not just any normal explosions either, but super explosions involving multiple explosions of something that would normally not even nearly explode.
I think I should have used the word "explosions" more in that last sentence.
Anyway, it wasn"t a horrible movie, but it wasn"t great either. Summarised by one of the conversations in the movie itself which went something along the lines of:
Ellie: "How is [that book]?"
Corrie: "Better than the movie."
Ellie: "That's the usual case."

I started cooking dinner today intending to make my world famous* turkey mince spaghetti bolognaise. I started by preparing the ingredients (carrots, mushrooms, onions, turkey mince) and started to fry the carrots (because I like my carrots well cooked rather than crisp).
I went to my cupboard to pull out the spaghetti to get it ready while the carrots cooked.
There was no spaghetti.

Dinner fail.

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ellicia. said...

im waiting for the day i get dinner made for me by you :) *hugs*