Saturday, February 5, 2011

Better late than even later but worse than not late at all.

Its funny how memory works.

I forget where I was going with that line.

Anyway, its been weeks since my last post. Because of that, I"ve decided to ramble for a bit. Bear with me (or not, none of this would be particularly interesting...)

So since my last post, quite a lot has happened.
The New Year for the world ticked over at the usual time.
The New Year for Asians  (because we always need our own reason to eat more dumplings...) ticked over at the not quite so usual and often very random time.

5 weeks are down for the first term of hopefully my final year in university.

In the last 5 weeks, I have learnt that the TA pub gets very cold, Adelaide gets very hot, and that eating a large pack of chips for breakfast may make you feel ill.

With the last 3 years, we were often encouraged to go to the wards, to practice our clinical skills and learn what we could. Of course, the main educational point was the lectures, PBLs and tutorials that we got, so ward work was always a little bit of a bonus thing, whenever we could find the time.
The funny thing about fourth year is that all our learning is meant to really be from the wards. Despite the whole purpose of fourth year being for us to actually be on the ward doing things in hospital, learning on the ward itself, I"ve found that I"m busier with things outside the ward.

This is probably made worse by the fact that the school hasn"t given us very much guidance or assistance at all with necessary things.

Of course, that could come down to trying to make us more independent and that sort of thing...

But anyway, exciting year 2011, if only I can get everything organised...

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