Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting there...

Fourth post.

Trial Three: My thoughts.

So I"m sitting here trying to motivate myself into learning (again, I"m not sure how many times we learned this in undergrad...) about insulin production, function, and everything to do with diabetes. I"ve been browsing through assorted textbooks, articles and the intarwebz itself. Anybody else would probably be done by now, but not me. No, I"m too much of a time waster. This weekend flew by waaay too fast, leaving just today. This day stretched on for an eternity, yet still I sit here, at the very end of the day (as I check my watch its clicking over to a new day) frantically trying to find more information to complete my learning issues before PBL tomorrow. Some things will never change it seems.

Though it"s been a long day, it"s also been quite satisfying.
"Why is that?" You ask.

My mummy is here :)
"What does that have to do with anything?" You rudely exclaim.

Well my mummy makes good vietnamese food :)

I may not totally know all the functions of insulin off the top of my head, but my stomach will forgive me for it XD

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