Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still trying...

Third post.

Trial Two: The important bits.

Exciting news, well, sort of I guess.
We"ve been learning about taking patient histories and to help this, we"ve been encouraged to wander the wards and ask nurses for patients we can take practice histories from.

Found an incredible patient today, a nice rare heart transplant patient.

Due to the usual confidentiality issues, I won"t go into it that much, but suffice to say, the patient was an absolute champion and very inspiring as to all life had thrown at them and they had still managed to get up and continue.

On a totally unrelated topic, my laptop finally arrived, which will help a lot in the lectures I"ll be going through. Its a decent 13.3inch one, so small enough to carry around with the power to last a few years :)

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