Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trying to get used to this...

So my second post. I"m still not confident with this whole "blogging" thing, seeing as I really don"t bother with a diary or anything similar, but oh well... We"ll see how this goes:

Trial One: Diary style.

So I slept in today, which was unfortunate because I had a group meeting for an ethics assignment. Luckily, my group are in the genius category, so they really didn"t need my help...
We got quite a bit of our presentation done, which is always nice.
Its an interesting topic as well, basically the morality of withholding cochlear implants from D/deaf children just because the parents want them to be a part of the deaf community.
I"m learning quite a lot of interesting stuff regarding this, even though content isn"t really the point of the presentation.
We"re marked on the main ethical points, non-maleficence, beneficence, autonomy and all that jazz.

We had yet another biochemistry based lecture after that, which was really quite painful. I really should have tried to remember more of my first year biochemistry. Damned metabolism...

The day finally picked up when I went to a consolidation session to practice some of the clinical skills I had learnt previously. Of course, I ate a sandwich in about 3 minutes to make it on time, but that doesn"t matter.
Now, I don"t know about everyone else, but for me, its the practical skills that really bring everything together for me. So despite the fact that it was only taking the pulse and blood pressure, I had tremendous fun and felt a tremendous amount of accomplishment.

Had a basic diabetes workshop following that, did a blood glucose test (ie. plugged my blood into a little hand-held machine...), then practised drawing up saline (so much easier than stem cells!) and that was pretty much it.

Played some basketball with some friends from my PBL group after that. After the PBL topics we"ve had, we decided it would be best to keep fit. Amusing how you diagnose yourself with things you learn about :p

Dinner of chicken schnitzel with mash and a random assortment of vegies and salads, with a dessert of strangely dry bread and butter pudding. Average. I can"t help rating my food... XD

And now here I sit, I"m sated, I"m tired, I might have slightly sprained my ankle, but I am quite happy. I"m starting to get used to studying again, though lectures are still killing me.

Hmmm, I do believe its pub night. I might wander along and grab myself a beer :)

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