Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So its been 2 months since my last confe- uhh... post.

My bad :S

It has been a ridiculously quick 2 months, and I"m wishing I could have extended it just a tad.

Exams are upon us.
3 exams in 3 days.
No swotvac.

Today is the first (human homeostasis), tomorrow is the second (identity, microbes and defence), Thursday is the last (doctor, the profession and society).

As usual, like before every exam, I am in my special zen-like state of mind.

It may be 6:45am, with the exam not occurring for another 2 hours, but I am prepared and in my mind, I am ready.

Or am I.

Hakkuna Matata.

We"ll see.

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