Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well what do you know...

So I"ve just finished probably the hardest set of exams I have done or will need to do for at least another two years. Following the usual "go out and have a few drinks at the bar" thing, the "be right back, crashing from my sugar high" thing and the "lets go to the beach cos its almost a warm day" thing, I realised I didn"t really have much else do to, so I fell back on the usual.

I browsed the intarwebz.

I noticed a link on my browser which seemed strange to me, since I had forgotten all about it...

"Blogger: Dashboard" it read.

I clicked on it.


Would you believe that I have a blog?

I know, crazy right? Especially since I hadn"t posted anything for the last, oh, 4+ months.

Though looking over my previous posts, that seems to be the usual pattern of things anyway...

So yes, I"ll try posting again, but typing stuff is certainly a lot more effort than say, not typing stuff. So we"ll see how things go this time. :)

Summary of the last 4 months:
Learnt something about the heart.
Learnt something about the lungs.
Learnt something about the kidneys.
Became the MDA National Foosball Champion (long story, bit of a fail story, but I have cookies to show for it so nyaaaaaah!)

Summary of the last 3 days:
Tried to learn everything about the heart.
Had a cardiovascular system exam.
Tried to learn everything about the lungs.
Had a respiratory system exam.
Tried to learn everything about the kidneys.
Had a renal system exam.

Surprisingly, the respiratory and the renal system exams went well (with great thanks to my friends for being patient and teaching all there was about breathing and peeing!)

The cardiovascular exam perhaps not so well.

We shall see!

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