Friday, October 24, 2008


So I"m trying to get into the habit of keeping this regular, even if nothing interesting actually happens.

Unfortunately, that leaves my blog material much to be desired (I can never make that line make sense in my head, but cool people use it and my mum says I"m cool so I thought I should use it then...).

Luckily, the 2 people who read this probably won"t care.

I"ve just woken up from a great night of movies, though really, it really should just be known as one giant movie. Yes, some "Esteemed Colleagues" (if I may borrow a term from a brilliant blog I"ve been reading, by someone in my class!) and I decided to have a movie marathon and went through Back to the Future I, II and III!
We ended up finishing around 2am, tired, hungry, slightly intoxicated (or was that just Shawn?) but wishing that there were more great corny 80s type movies like that (or was that just me...).

One thing I haven"t mentioned is that I have been sick for the last 2 weeks now. It all started with innocent symptoms not unlike that of the common cold. Unfortunately, they then progressed until my friends were quite sure I had fluid and quite possibly consolidation in my lower lung fields. The end-inspiratory wheeze and mid-late expiratory wheeze probably didn"t help things. Not to mention the cough that actually sounds less like a cough and more like I"m fighting for dominance against some inner force for the control of my lungs...
So anyway, I"m finally going to see the doctor today (it was either on Tuesday when I still had to study for my Renal System exam, or today...), but as always, my symptoms are hiding. All I have left is a pathetic little cough.

Its really not fair.

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