Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh now you"ve made a mess of things...

So after much thought, including a process of testing and brainstorming, I have decided that mangos are the messiest fruit to eat.
No matter how careful in the methods of preparation, I am still left with a stringy lumpy mess, a heap of skin, and sticky hands.

Despite all that, I still love mangos.
They are juicy and delicious! Best way to eat them would be straight out of the fridge on a hot day.
My favourite being one I"ve always known as a "Bowen" mango, but after some research, it seems the official name would be the "Kensington Pride".

It seems that even on holidays, I"m forced to learn. Luckily, I seem to enjoy this style of learning much more than the usual. Go figure.

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PTR said...

This is an important issue which you are right to raise in public. More research is desperately needed.

Until a solution can be found may I suggest that you eat mangoes only in the bath, where the mess will cause as little inconvenience as possible.