Monday, November 3, 2008

Embryology is tasty

So we had an embryology prac today.

1. Oooh primitive streak
2. Oooh primitive streak, primitive node and somites!
3. Oooh more somites! Neural plate!
4. Wow! Heaps of somites! Neural folds!

Overall, it was quite exciting, despite what I"ve said above.
We saw a super chicken (it had two sets of organs! Imagine the possibilities with two hearts, livers etc.), a not so super chicken (it had half a head...), a mirror image chicken (two chicks attached at the head), and a split chicken (2-3 bodies to the one head).
Not to mention the guinea pig embryo and the bearded lizard embryo.

Then the finale!

Smoked trout!

It was oh so tasty after it was dissected and we learnt about the nerves and muscles that came from each somite.

Mmmm... Embryology...

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