Monday, January 12, 2009

A Whole New... Year.

So 2009 is upon us.


I"m not sure what the excitement about a "New Year" is, considering its exactly the same as the last few. The only way you even notice is when people start correcting your correspondence by crossing out the 2008 and writing 2009, or saying "Hey, I noticed you wrote 2008! Hahaha I do that all the time too!"

Though I do hope everyone had fun on New Years Eve. I certainly did! In bed and asleep by 10pm, it was a brilliant night :)

As of current, I am lazing about doing not much.

One thing I have started doing though is a new exercise regime.
Did I mention I was a Fatty McFatcakes? I forget.
Anyway, I"m massive, but the jogging I"ve been doing (I believe it was 5.3637km, twice a day) has had a negative effect on my knees, so I"ve decided to switch it up a bit.

Monday: Bike riding (Twice a day)
Tuesday: Interval workout - 2 minutes fast, 5 minutes jog/walk to recover. Rinse and repeat. Alternatively, if there was an oval, I"d do 1 lap fast, 1 lap slow. (Twice a day)
Wednesday: Normal jog (5.3637km, twice a day!)
Thursday: Tempo run - 10 minutes at a light pace, followed by 15 minutes at a heavy pace, followed by 10 minutes at a light pace. (Twice a day!)
Friday: Rest/walk - Sleep in the morning, walk in the evening
Saturday: My normal distance except at a faster pace (Twice a day)
Sunday: Walking in the morning for 5.3637km, Jog in the evening for 5.3637km

So yeah. We"ll see how that goes :)

Oh, also I got diagnosed with sleep apnoea and will have to use a CPAP machine. Hooray for me.

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