Thursday, April 22, 2010


Because apparently this is the cool thing to do, I thought I"d conform and do it.

I did the specialisation test thing and ended up with this top 10:
1     pulmonology
2     emergency med
3     anesthesiology
4     thoracic surgery
5     pediatrics
6     otolaryngology
7     orthopaedic surgery
8     ophthalmology
9     obstetrics/gynecology
10     plastic surgery

How do I think it went?
I"m not so sure about pulmonology, all those blood gases (if I"m thinking of the right thing...) would destroy me... Emergency med has been one of my thoughts and has always interested me and the same as anaesthesiology. I"m not so sure about thoracic surgery, or really any surgery at this point, as my surgery rotation was so... meh. Paediatrics has been top of my list for a while now. The rest sort of don"t really register.
Out of interest, the others I had in mind, cardiology and general practice come in at 29 and 31 respectively.


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Pink Stethoscopes said...

That list looks way more fun than mine! Well done, you.

And I had to think long and hard about what an otolaryngologist would do, but figured it out just short of a Google search so I call that a win.