Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 2... is nearly over. Oops!

So last weekend was pretty massive.

A fun housewarming party hosted by the "young 'uns" from JCU was an interesting night as everyone was greeted with a moustache (if they didn"t already have one of course) and tequila! Also a very large amount of nachos... But yes, there were sombreros and pinatas and it was all fun and games, even when the stick shattered at one point across a pole...

Saturday was quite uneventful, but Sunday was our planned day out!

I and 3 other colleagues drove out to Litchfield National Park where we saw magnetic termite mounds, went for walks through the rainforest (at Wangi Falls), waded through rockpools (at Buley Rockhole) and swam under waterfalls (at Florence Falls)!
It was a beautiful day, amazing weather and the water was clear and cooling. We had goggles with us which allowed us to see fish swimming around (I almost managed to catch one!) wondering what all these silly humans were doing.

Such fun times really had to be ruined by something as I somehow ended up with viral gastroenteritis, which has kept me from the hospital for the last few days, finally getting back in today. I"m not sure if I caught it from one of the kids on the Isolation Wards, but it didn"t kick in until Monday.

Tonight, the Mindil Beach Markets starts up which is sounding like it will be spectacular, looking forward to that!

I"ve realised one problem with being up here and seeing so many cool things is that I don"t have a camera, so I can"t really share the sights I"m seeing.

I"ll have to borrow one. We"ll see.

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