Thursday, June 23, 2011

Singapore, Day 4

This was so exciting that I needed to blog about it:

I got free lunch!

Ok, that"s part of what I"m going to blog about, but definitely the most exciting (for me). The food was significantly better than FMC, sort of on par with those "all you can eat for $8" places in Central Market. Which is acceptable, but not the greatest.

Of course, if I wasn"t such a cheapass, I could have paid a whopping SGD$1 for a plate of noodles or SGD$5 for just about anything (as mentioned in the last blog post...).
Note: SGD$1 = AUD$0.75
SGD$5 = AUD$3.80 i.e CHEAP.

What else I"m impressed with is the internet I"m using at the moment at a family friends house: 100Mbit connection. That is a theoretical maximum speed of 4x the best of what Australia has to offer (at least, until the NBN comes through... Someday...)

So I was having a conversation with one of the MOs which waiting for a thumb PVNS excision to finish up, and it seems that there are lots of pros and cons to living in Singapore.

Minimal income tax - Even for earning $300,000 you pay about 13% tax. Above that rises to about 20%.
Food - The food here is spectacular, cheap and available all hours of the day!
Travel - The Singapore MRT is bloody awesome, reliable, fast and pretty cheap.
Internet - As mentioned, super fast!

Pollution - Air quality ain"t the greatest here.
Rent - From what I can figure, quite expensive.
Cars - I also discovered something crazy about this:
Singapore have freakin' expensive cars.
Now, I don"t mean like, Ferrari"s and all that, but even just regular cars!
From what I can work out, in order to own a car, you must first be able to afford to pay a "certificate of entitlement". This is a sort of registering of the car with the government. I think they do this to put a limit/quota on the number of cars in Singapore (due to increasing pollution, population etc), which is a decent idea, as those that can"t afford, use the MRT which reduces carbon emissions etc.

So yeah, how much would cars be?

Lets see, I am contemplating getting a Ford Fiesta. You can get it on sale in Australia for a scratch under $20,000.
Second hand Ford Fiesta here? $70,000.

Seriously. What.

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