Saturday, June 18, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

So I managed to pack all my stuff and move out of the Village.
Much thanks go to my friends for helping move things and for my housemates for helping me clean, else I would probably have missed my flight home to the Gold Coast.

Its kind of strange coming home. I haven"t lived here for nearly 9 years now, and most of my own things have been packed away in some dark recess of the house. Actually, I think most of my stuff was packed up even before I left. My mother is quite efficient.
So without a lot of the little things I have, the emotional ties they each represent, this house feels more like I"m visiting a relatives house. Its a very strange feeling. I know I will always be welcome here, and my parents encourage it, but despite that, I just don"t feel like I belong here.

So now with everything stored away (mostly at a friends place), I am in limbo, with no real place that I can call mine.

I look forward to finding out where I am placed for my intern year so I can find a place and move my things in. Its always nice to come home to a place you feel truly linked to.

In the meantime, I will be off to Singapore in about 15 hours. I have a bit to pack and then I have to get some sleep since I have to leave at 5am in order to make it to the airport. It still hasn"t really clicked that I"m leaving the country. I suppose when I step out into 33 degree, 98% humidity, something will click then.
So yes, Singapore for 6 weeks! Yay!
My beautiful girlfriend will be meeting me in 5 weeks! YAY!

I cannot wait :)

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PTR said...

Awww.... have a great time! So jealous of you globetrotting folks!