Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I"ve been told to blog more.

As always, I slacked off with my blogging.

Bumping into our wonderfully assertive, yet surprisingly gentle giant PTR, I have been told to blog more.

I shall try, for great justice.

Or just us.

So anyway, ED has been remarkably fun, with suturing galore!
Glass, metal, chain saw, circular saw, fence post... If it has a vague point, someone will cut themselves on it!

The traumas have been interesting:
Any guesses on what happened here? (click for larger image)

I guess its sort of expected that I get to treat acute things, but some of the things I"ve seen so far are shockingly silly.

Headache? Sure, there have been nice ones with red flags (such as the man with a giant AVM) but there are those that present purely as "headache for 2 hours, panadol has helped, no neuro, currently nil pain".

Abdo pain? Serious ones from MVA and such or alternatively "abdo pain since 4am, ate ?dodgy chicken last night".

There have also been some good classical signs seen with the yellow (not asian or scared) lady with a liver that fills half her abdomen, scarred, pulsatile, solid with ascites.
Or the man yesterday with a 16cm spleen.

Some also quite unclassical signs:
Diagnosis anyone? (click for larger image)

Fun times.

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