Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am thoroughly enjoying paediatrics so far (so far being Day 4 has been completed) and have decided that it is definitely in my shortlist of future specialities.
The last few days have been clinic after clinic, which has been good to see the range of paediatric disorders coming in.

Day 1: Introduction to paediatrics

Day 2: General paediatrics clinic
 - Hemangioma follow-up (infant)
 - Constipation follow-up + thalassaemia concerns (adolescent)
 - Pertussis (whooping cough) follow-up (infant)

Day 3: Neonatal clinic
 - 6 week (corrected) checkup (twins, one still in NICU, 10ish weeks premature)

Day 4: General paediatrics clinic
 - Developmental delay and unknown disorder with left sided abnormalities in the left ear, left eye, left kidney, left brachial artery (child)
 - Failure to thrive/coeliac follow-up (child)
 - Night terrors and language assessment (child)
 - ADHD medication reassessment (pre-adolescent)
 - Trisomy 21 follow-up (infant)
 - Sotos syndrome check-up (pre-adolescent)

Grand Round = Free food. It"s great!

Tomorrow will be an immunology clinic and then another general paediatric clinic with the Paediatric Super Consultant.

Its been a great few days, especially as I"ve been asked to do simple things like taking blood pressure and listen to breath sounds or heart sounds. They actually go quite well, it seems children seem to like me. I base it on my funny eyes.

Anyway, most of the time I"m just playing the part of a fly on the wall, but quite often I"ll have to step up to play the part of "clown" in order to distract the patient. It works surprisingly well. I may have missed my calling in life.

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