Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A tasty day.

Today started as any other, with my rising before the sun. I was annoyed, but that was usual. I was actually annoyed slightly less today as I knew there would be a group meeting with FREE BREAKFAST!

I cheerfully arrived at ward rounds, right on time and eagerly awaiting breakfast. I knew we could fly through the 4 patients we had in a flash and move on. Unfortunately, we managed to acquire 4 more patients overnight. I really can"t complain as everyone else I know of seems to have 20+ patients on their wards. Oh well.
That"s when the Registrar started playing with my emotions. He told us there wasn"t a meeting today.
My fellow students and I cried. Or at least, we were greatly disappointed.
After dragging ourselves through ward rounds, taking our time, our resident super nurse told us that we should be getting to the meeting. My eyes lit up, there was indeed a meeting today! My Registrar was wrong!

30 minutes later, I was satisfied (though not as much as I could be, there were bacon and egg wraps last week!) with mini pancakes, muffins, strawberries and yogurt. It was time for theatre.

Laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair, laparoscopic umbilical [EDIT: or rather, para-umbilical] hernia repair, zzz...

I managed to eventually escape so I could waste my time travelling to Centrelink for an appointment just so I could tell them things I could have told them on the phone...


Squash in the afternoon was fun, as was a little bit of gym work.

I had decided yesterday that for dinner tonight (and for lunch tomorrow and probably the next day...) I would make pasta. I had purchased pasta sauce (because I cheat like that) on special (2 jars for $3!) and some fettuccine on special (500g for $1!).

Recipe as follows:
500g beef mince

500g jar of pasta sauce (any flavour)
3 tomatoes
2 carrots
2 onions
1 head of brocolli
4 little chillis
as many mushrooms as you can find in your fridge (in my case, 4)
tomato sauce
bbq sauce
500g fettuccine

1. Brown beef mince. During this time, dice tomatoes, carrots, onions, brocolli, chilli and mushrooms.
2. Add tomatoes, carrots, onions, brocolli, chilli and pasta sauce. You may need to transfer to a pot as I did.
3. Add 250mL of water (half fill the pasta sauce jar and shake) and the mushrooms. Allow to simmer.
4. Boil water, adding some salt. Add fettuccine.
5. Taste your pasta sauce, add salt and pepper to taste. At this stage, the sauce should taste good, but quite mild. I like my sauce with a bit of zing so I added some tomato sauce, bbq sauce and lots and lots of pepper.
6. Check your fettuccine, I like mine slightly more on the solid side, but cooked.
7. Drain your pasta and serve in a bowl with a generous serving of sauce, with grated cheese.

I omitted some details in my preparation such as dancing around my house meeting and ending up with a ridiculous amount of pasta and sauce. I think I have enough for the next 3 lunches.

Of course, I"m not complaining. It"s good.

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