Monday, March 29, 2010


So its been nearly two weeks since I last blogged... My bad.

But seriously, its my blog, meaning that in theory, I can blog whenever I damn well want to and should not have people bugging me about not blogging right?

Unfortunately not, it would seem.


So 2 weeks of paediatrics down, and I still love playing with children and distracting them and receiving that little look of gratefulness from the doctor. It almost makes me feel like there is a point to me sitting in the corner of a little clinic room, sneakily asking questions to the mother/father when the doctor needs to go out to find something or clumsily poking and prodding a small child when the doctor asks me to perform an examination or take blood pressures.

Children have such small arms, yet they manage to make so much noise with them. Curious isn"t it?

The past week has been a lot of fun, with another week in clinics.

I sat in on the Child Assessment Team ( or the CAT team if you wanted to make use of the silly way in which people like to make use of silly repetition in such acronymerised names, such as like in ATM machine or BAT team - Brain Attack Team for you people not in the business.) which seemed interesting. Interesting in that it seemed like the most expensive play session you could organise with your child without actually investing in diamonds or a circus. 6-8 specialists sitting in to watch a child play with toys and draw.

I also sat in on a less expensive version in which the child was assessed by the speech therapist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist.

I was lucky to sit in on a Renal clinic as well, which happens only once a month at FMC. The consultant was a hilarious man with a very relaxed attitude and amusing manner. His questions to me were straightforward and naturally difficult (especially to me, as I discovered that I had managed to forget just about everything about the kidneys...) but was quite willing to teach me when there was time.

The most exciting thing about the past week is that my daddy was here!
Lots of good home made food (which were I less lazy, I could also make, but the laziness usually pulls me to quicker, just as delicious meals...) as well as a restocking of my freezer. I should be set if the Australian Army decide to come over for dinner.

This weekend was quite a bit of fun as well as Friday afternoon started off with a feast put together by my dad, and continued with the celebration of the birthday of a Britannian/Prydein colleague in true boozer style starting at some bar and leading on to some indie bands, most notably Flat One which stars a current intern of Flinders. Very inspiring and really ruins my excuse of not having time to do anything...
This was very enjoyable but the late nights and moderate alcohol consumption made the next day quite troublesome. Pancakes (with bacon, caramelised bananas and real maple syrup) on Sunday was thoroughly enjoyable as I didn"t even need to go anywhere as another fellow colleague (this one from Canadia) brought everything over to my house to make!
Definitely fun as we poor sAdelaide residers were graced with the presence of a very much loved colleague who usually resides where the general human population is probably outmatched by the population of horses and livestock.

So yes, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend to top off a quite enjoyable week!

This week: Inpatients!
Ward rounds and history taking seems to be on the menu.

Which reminds me, what should I make for dinner?

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