Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Its been a long day. Failed a cannulation on a patient which was quite the contrast to yesterday...

Also, one of our patients passed away early this morning at 2:30pm due to complications of sepsis.
This is kind of the first time I"ve really experienced death in the hospital.
I"m not really sure how I"m supposed to feel, is that bad?

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Anonymous said...

i dont think there is any right or wrong way to feel. well i guess there is, abnormal grief reaction, but other than that, it affects everyone differently. Not that i've a large cohort to choose from, it's different for each patient too.
I guess its important to know yourself and how you might deal with it and also know where to get help if you need it. After our tragedy there was a lot of debriefing set up and oppurtunities to get help. Some people were quite affected, others were not at all. I find that afterwards i now keep seeing risk and pathology where there was none, because i'm so afraid of not seeing it again.